Maria Gavrilova M.D.
Dermatologist in Florence

Deeply passionate about dermatology and skin care my goal is to help you feel confident in your skin
Maria Gavrilova M.D.
Dermatologist in Florence

Deeply passionate about dermatology and skin care my goal is to help you feel confident in your skin
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My husband and I went to Dr. Gavrilova for our routine skin check-ups. She was patient with our questions, caring, and a great listener! We also appreciated how she thoroughly explained everything. We were very impressed.
Tricia A. Mitchell
Had several skin problems and fortunately I found Dr. Gavrilova while visiting Florence. I was amazed by professional approach which led to highly efficient and effective treatment with laser and supplemental medicines. Great to see health professionals like Maria who do their work with passion, care and commitment! Highly recommended, even if you are far from Florence 😁.
Uros Klancar
Dr Maria Gavrilova is the best dermatologist I have ever been to. She is a wonderful person and professional doctor who is very skilled and informed in her field. She tries to find the absolute best solution for her patients, recommending effective treatments or products. She has always made me feel very comfortable, supported and positive, even when I suffered with my skin she gave me hope it would get better, which it did thanks to her help. She is very responsive on her emails, helping me when I needed advice on a product or fitting me in for an appointment on fairly short notice. I highly recommend Dr Maria Gavrilova to anyone seeking a dermatologist in Florence, she really does go above and beyond.
Carla G
I first started seeing Dr Gavrilova in November and she has been an enormous help! It's been such a relief to have her solutions for my troubled but sensitive skin. She's very thorough with her photo documentation in order to see progress, which is great as well. I've seen many dermatologists and I highly recommend her!
Simone T
Curriculum Maria Gavrilova
Formazione Universitaria ed Esperienze Professionali:
Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia presso "S-Petersburg State Medical Academy, Mechnikov I.I."

2005- 2007:
Specializzazione in Dermatologia e Venereologia presso "S-Petersburg State Army Medical Academy"

Specializzazione in Dermatologia e Venereologia presso "Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valencia" Spagna

Master in Dermatologia Oncologica presso "UniversitĂ  di Valencia"

Master in Procedure estetiche e LASER. "UniversitĂ  CEU Cardenal Herrera, Valencia"

2014 -2016
Specialista Dermatologa presso Ospedale Can Misses, Ibiza.

Corsi di Genetica e Biochimica a Harvard Medical School, USA

AttivitĂ  Scientifica:
Autrice di numerose pubblicazione scientifiche.

Partecipazione a molti Congressi e Corsi Internazionali di Formazione in Dermatologia.

Iscritta a EADV ( European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology) e AEDV ( Academia Espanola de Dermatologia y Venerologia)
About Me
I am a dermatologist and a dermatologic surgeon with fellowship training in fields like Skin cancers diagnosis and surgery, and cosmetic surgery including laser treatment. I treat patients of all ages–including pediatric and adolescents–with a specialty in acne, alopecia, rosacea, rashes, and complex medical dermatology. Whatever your skin concern or condition I am happy to help and take care of the skin's health of you and your family, from children to your parents.

Dermatological Visit

During the visit, I will assess your skin's health and talk about your concerns and what you would like your treatment to achieve. I offer a full range of services, from annual skin cancer screenings to the latest cosmetic dermatology procedures, including laser Technologies.
Pediatrics Dermatology
It is important to remember that the child is not the small adult with the skin problems. I encourage you to realize yearly skin exams, which help to maintain the skin healthy and in case of chronic skin conditions to keep them under control.

  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  • Acne
  • Allergic reactions
  • Birthmarks
  • Moles
  • Hemangiomas
  • Inherited skin diseases
  • Lumps/bumps
  • Skin tumors
  • Blood vessel lesions and growths (hemangiomas)
  • Psoriasis
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Autoimmune skin disease
  • Skin infections
  • Alopecia/hair loss
  • Nail dystrophy/nail disorders
  • Warts
  • Head lice
  • Molluscum

General Dermatology
Dermatology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the skin, hair, and nails. It also focuses on maintaining the health of your skin.

  • Mole and birthmark removal
  • Skin cancer removal
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Brown spots removal
  • Psoriasis
  • Scars revision
  • Acne correction
  • Rosacea treatment
  • Ringworm treatment
  • Nail disorders
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Hyperhidrosis treatment
  • Seborrheic keratosis removal
  • Skin tags removal
  • Actinic keratosis treatment

Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser treatments
The right procedure can actively improve how you look and feel, with positive results that can boost your confidence and self-esteem.
I help each patient discover the best non-invasive ways to enhance his or her individual look and unique beauty.

  • Chemical peels
  • Fillers
  • Neuromodulators
  • Laser depilation
  • Acne scar removal
  • Brown spot removal
  • Seborrheic keratosis removal

Skin Cancer
During the dermatological visit, I carefully examine the patient's skin, paying particular attention to growths, moles, and dry patches. If find something that looks like skin cancer, I will remove part or all of it and send it to a lab for testing.
The good news is that most skin cancers are completely curable, but early detection and treatment are key. For this reason, you need to do a monthly self-check, looking for changes to your skin such as irregular moles, especially those that evolve or bleed, and at least once a year, schedule a full body check with the dermatologist.

  • Melanoma
  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Spinocellular carcinoma
  • Other types of skin cancer
Dermatological Surgery
Dermatologic surgery deals with the diagnosis and treatment of medically necessary and cosmetic conditions of the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes. The purpose of dermatologic surgery is to repair and/or improve the function and cosmetic appearance of skin tissue.

The majority of dermatologic surgeries are now minimally invasive and require only local or regional anesthesia.

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tel. 055 50975
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